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5 Essential Elements of Reading for National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month, a great time to introduce your little ones to the joy of reading. Did you know that your child will develop their reading skills faster and become more proficient when they learn the 5 essential elements of reading?  What are the 5...

iKnowABC featured in “Mammaprada” blog!

A very sweet website experience for children learning English language at school is iKnowABC. Children are encouraged to go on adventures to help animals from around the world to find secret letters! The adventure process takes children on a journey to learn the 26...

iKnow Featured on ” The Sprouting Minds”

  "The last holiday gift idea that I have is iKnowABC. iKnowABC is an online adventure that allows you to make memories with your child while they are learning. There are 3 different aspects of iKnowABC: Home Adventure, Digital Library, and School Adventure. Home...

iKnowABC for Educators

Created by a Teacher for Teachers We are proud to introduce iKnow School Adventure for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students, teachers and families. Our story-driven, digital and experiential blended approach to beginning reading, science and technology gives...

iKnowABC Home Adventure

Think of this as your step-by-step guide for parents to teach their child beginning read skills, science concepts, art activities, music, and more!   The 5 Levels of lesson plans Momspirational quotes 5-Minute Mojo Healthy snack ideas DIY crafts and activities...

Gamify Reading to Optimize Learning and Growth     Customize for any Classroom iKnow uses technology to reach and teach children using a multi-modality approach, teaching to all of the senses. There are many ways to implement technology into the classroom. Children can...

Test scores soar after iKnowABC Pilot Program

Do your students struggle with phonemic awareness and alphabetic principles? iKnow School Adventure is your solution! Created by an award-winning teacher and technology expert because when emergent readers build a strong foundation for the basics, they become better...

How to Teach Visual Learners

  Visual learners occasionally need special attention when it comes to learning techniques. As with all children, learning to read is simply an exercise in following proven formulas for success.  However, visual learners in particular need to follow a process...

Reading Activities for Kids – Rhyming Peg Board

Great writing skills start right at home. Sometimes, the simple items that you have sitting around the house are all you need to begin building learning skills that last a lifetime. founder Allison McDonald came up with this quick and easy reading activity for kids that teaches basic rhyme – while also providing a fun time! Check out these simple steps below.