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All new digital passport with fun minutes banner

Introducing the all New Digital passport with Fun Minutes

An interactive 10 Level game, designed to improve your child's learning
with fun missions and rewards along the way.

Passport customization with childs image and name

Customize your child's experience and choose additional reward options.

10 Level journey adventure

Encounter new animals, while practicing letter and sound recognition.

Certificate of achievement reward

Keep track of progress and reward your child to boost learning confidence.

What are Fun Minutes?

Completing missions or reaching level milestones will reward your child with Fun Minutes. These "minute points" can can be claimed as extra playtime off screen.

Bonus: Make the time a teachable lesson in saving up. By accumulating reward time, add it all up to a weekend trip for ice cream!

The Great Big World of iKnowABC

Engage, fascinate and expand little curious minds.

Early learning to inspire
confidence in reading.

Fun videos to learn
about new animals.

Offline activities that
spark creativity.

10 Levels with daily lesson plans
available for parents.

Digital ebook downloads
for offline reading.

Breath & movement videos
for letters & animals.

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What iKnow Teachers & Parents Love
"I hook my iPad to the board and everyone in the class is instantly engaged!"

My students love singing the words along the screen. It’s great and interactive for all students. I recommend these eBooks to all primary level teachers as a shared reading activity.

– Ms. Clementine

Case Study

The students at C.C.Ronnow Elementary excelled at their learning. Letter sound & name fluency went up in just 8 months by learning just one letter a day! See The Results

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Let your kids be the heroes of an interactive adventure that takes them around the world while learning the alphabet, sounds and animals.

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