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Fun Halloween Activities for Kids in the Classroom

Halloween time is the best time of year… especially for teachers and their classroom environment. This spooky season is a great opportunity to get kids excited about the holiday while still learning in their classes. From cute classroom decor to scary-themed learning assignments, there are endless ways to keep your students interested in their school assignments during the month of October. Here is a list of five fun and safe Halloween classroom activities for your students to try this holiday season! 

Candy Corn Math Problems

Math can get boring as the school year continues. Keeping students entertained and interested is a challenge in itself. But, in October, math can be fun! Incorporating candy corn is a great way to incorporate the holiday spirit while keeping kids on track with school. 

  • To make this happen, buy a few bags of candy corn and visit this page to download free candy corn math printables. 
  • Give each student a handful or so of candy corn treats. 
  • Write problems on the board and have students solve the problems with their candy. It can be as simple as writing 2+2 on the board and having them group their candy corn then count them to come up with a solution. 
  • The most exciting part for the kids is being able to eat the candy after the exercise is complete!

Counting Seeds

This activity is many students favorite! If you are working with younger kids, make sure the top of the pumpkin is already cut-out.

  • Put about three or four kids in a group together and have them guess how many seeds are in their pumpkin. For older students, you can have them explain their reasoning. 
  • Once they have their guess written on paper, instruct them to remove all the seeds. Have them count each one and separate all the seeds from the pumpkin.
  • With the entire class, compare each group’s findings. Depending on the age of the students, you can send them home with their pumpkin seeds and instructions on how to safely and properly roast them. 

The Best Pumpkin Carrier 

Let your students’ imaginations run wild as they decorate their trick or treating carrier to match their costumes. 

  • Buy small white or orange bags and festive decorations. 
  • Instruct your students to think about their Halloween costume and come up with ideas to match their trick or treating carrier to their costume. 
  • For example, if they will be dressing up as a mummy have them glue toilet paper and fake spider webs to their bag.  
  • Once they are finished, have them glue candy-corn in shape of their initials on the top of their bags. These bags can be hung or placed on shelves around the classroom for a couple of days to dry. 

Pin The Tail on the Black Cat.

Out of all of the Halloween classroom activities- this is one of our favorites! It’s a great way to get the kids up and moving and excited for the big day! 

  • Either on Halloween or the day before, have them participate in fun activities such as this one. It is played out just like pin the tail on the donkey, but with a Halloween twist. 
  • Hang a big photo of a spooky, tailless black cat on the wall of the classroom and blindfold the students.
  • Spin them around a few times then have them try to pin the tail on the cat. The student who gets closest to the right spot should get a bag of Halloween candy or another surprise! 

What’s in the bag? 

What’s in the bag- spooky edition is a fun way to incorporate numbers, the alphabet, and of course... Halloween spirit! 

  • Pick about 7-10 Halloween-themed bag, number them, and fill them with different items. One bag should be filled with handfuls of mini fake spiders. The next bag can be filled with candy corn, candy or fake spider webs.
  • Line up the bags and have the students close their ends and stick their hands in the bag and guess what’s in the bag and how many! 
  • Have them write their answers on a paper. This part is great to test their spelling and estimation skills. 
  • Whoever guesses correctly should receive candy or other Halloween treats! 



Get creative with your classroom activities during the month of October. There are endless ways to keep your lessons interesting and Halloween-themed. If you use these activities in your classroom or at home, post a photo on Instagram and tag us (@iKnow.ABC)! If you are interested in learning about other fun activities for kids, click here.