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Back to school is right around the corner! Our kids are getting antsy, the days are getting longer, and keeping them entertained is way more difficult than it was two months ago. If you feel like your children are now totally uninterested in your arts and crafts and silly games then it’s time to get creative and try some of our fun activities for kids. Below we compiled a list of 10 fun things to do with your child that may not come to mind right away when planning your midweek activities. Pick an idea below and customize it for your child and have some fun! 

1. Host a cupcake war

First on our list of fun activities for kids is hosting a cupcake war! Buy a few boxes of cupcake mix, different colored sprinkles, and other decorations. Make 26 cupcakes for each letter of the alphabet and come up with fun words that start with each letter as you decorate!


2. Pick a song and make a dance routine to it

Your child definitely has a few favorite songs that keep blaring on the radio. Pick a song together then coordinate a dance routine to perform for the entire family.

3. Make a treasure hunt

Sit down together and draw a map. Hide treasure toys around the house or outside in the yard.    Have your child use the clues on the map to find the treasure. Not only is it a fun activity for your child but it will help test your child’s problem-solving skills.

4. Make an alphabet book with your child’s favorite photos

Turn the living room into an art room! Cut out old magazine photos and pictures that represent each letter of the alphabet. Spend the afternoon gluing and decorating the book. Your child will be challenged to find corresponding images to match to each letter and will be left with a fully customized alphabet based on their individual interests!

5. Have a picnic in the backyard or the living roomPicnics are fun activities for kids

Head to the nearest grocery store or farmers market and pick out fresh fruit and snacks. Farmers markets are a great place for your child to learn about where their food comes from and the importance of local ingredients! Enjoy the afternoon on a blanket with your little one eating snacks and playing games.


6. Have your child dress up as a chef and make lunch

If there are too many chefs in the kitchen, take a break and let your child be the head chef! Let them take control in the kitchen and create their own masterpiece. Maybe a delicious peanut butter sandwich and fresh OJ?

7. Two words... Alphabet Pasta!

There are so many fun activities for kids that you can create with alphabet pasta! Have them spell their name, find every letter of the alphabet, or match a word to every letter that lands in their spoon!

8. Make goodie bags

Use small ziplock bags and fill them with small pieces of candy and mini toys, stickers, confetti, lollipops. Have your child decorate the bags and package everything together. These little goodie bags are a great way to have your child show his/her appreciation to his/her friends.

9. Wash the car together

On the days with too much to do, there is no need for a grand art and craft. Simply spend the afternoon out in the sun and have fun while washing your car. It’s a great way to get things done and enjoy a fun activity with your little one that will leave them feeling accomplished!

10. Plan a dinner party together

Rather than stressing over dinner plans, have your child help out. Sit down together and make a grocery list. Then have fun cooking in the kitchen. In addition, have your child draw pictures to act as place settings for your dinner guests!

After talking this list over with some mommy friends of ours, we learned that entertaining children is easier than it may seem. Parents can turn any everyday activity into a fun game for kids. Children love the competition and participating in anything their parents seem interested in. So, take your average task such as planning dinner and make it a competition with your child. See how fast they can come up with a grocery list, dinner idea, and place settings. Then execute their plans. Seeing their ideas come to life is much more entertaining than any TV show or coloring book. 

When hosting a cupcake war or making a lemonade stand, really allow your child’s imagination to run free. Let them take a leadership role such as the chef or the dance choreographer. Not only will this keep them entertained, but it will let them explore their creative side and challenge their leadership and communication skills. 

Ultimately, getting your children excited and making memories together is the most fun part of these creative activities. The more out-of-the-box the activity is, the more long-lasting and cherishable the memory will be! 

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