Learning to Read
is an Adventure

Find the animals and activate their secret letters.

Blended Model In person and Distance Learning

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Why iKnowABC works

Schools get a customized program and portal to this beginning reading and STEAM adventure game.

It’s a story-driven, blended approach that uses individual student learning time and project-based learning opportunities to teach the whole child through play.

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Contact us directly to purchase iKnow ABC School Adventure including a Teacher’s Manual, digital, customizable Teacher’s Edition and access the iKnow ABC hybrid curriculum for all of the students in your classroom or school.

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Customize for any Classroom

An interactive 10 level game, designed to teach academics and social and emotional growth.

Passport customization with childs image and name

iKnow uses technology to reach and teach children using a multi-modality approach, teaching to all of the senses.

10 Level journey adventure

There are many ways to implement technology into the classroom.

Certificate of achievement reward

Children can discover clues, learn about musical instruments, record themselves saying letter sounds, make videos, take pictures, research and investigate.

Teacher's Edition

The Teacher’s Edition utilizes Google Drive to deliver SmartBoard Guides of in person teaching and Screen Guides for distance, remote learning.

The Great Big World of iKnowABC

Early learning to inspire confidence

Online assessment pinpoints progress through data.

Digital Safari takes students on a worldwide quest.

Digital Passport keeps track of student progress.

STEAM Projects engage, fascinate and spark curiosity.

Home Version allows families access to iKnow ABC at home.

Breath & Movement videos focus the mind and move the body.

Digital Assessment

The integrated online assessment helps teachers and parents analyze data to help struggling readers and challenges those who are succeeding.

What iKnow Teachers & Parents Love
"I hook my iPad to the board and everyone in the class is instantly engaged!"

My students love singing the words along the screen. It’s great and interactive for all students. I recommend these eBooks to all primary level teachers as a shared reading activity.

– Ms. Clementine

Case Study

The students at C.C.Ronnow Elementary excelled at their learning. Letter sound & name fluency went up in just 8 months by learning just one letter a day!

Test Scores Soar!

Imagine your students are excelling in phonemic awareness and phonics while learning STEAM Concepts.

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Cindy Finelli Coleman, M.Ed.

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