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Happy New Year! Welcome to our blog. What I love about technology and storytelling is that we can image and then see, hear, feel….Go with me for a moment into a NYC kindergarten classroom where a young girl is using an iPad to read and interact with a legend told in rhyme in The Legend of the SunMoona Pride. In San Diego… a young boy learns phonemic awareness and discovers secret letters while he reads and interacts with Rain Forest. Do you see the rain? Can you hear the music? In Spain… little ones use an iPad to learn English-language acquisition and global citizenship through song in the Africa: Rhythm of Life. Can you hear the lions roar? Do you feel the drum beat… boom boom … boom boom … In a classroom on the Serengeti young children are using a solar powered iPads to discover distant places around the world as they learn science and uncover secret letters in Animals Around the World. Listen to the wind. Feel the Sun. See the sights and hear the global sounds. And finally in Brazil… young children in a classroom activate all letters in the animal alphabet so the SunMoona Pride can reunite. Children apply what they learn in iKnow ABC and they realize that when they do their best, and by working together, their contribution will make a difference.

I am a teacher turned entrepreneur and I imagined the idea for iKnow Animals, Letters & Sounds at my sister’s kitchen table while playing phonics games I made up for my nephews about animals from around the world. We called it “the animal-alphabet game”. We played this game for hours when I turned to my family and said, “I have an idea!

Our modern method uses a more cinematic approach to education and embodies the notion that when you teach a child a fact – he may remember it, and when you show a child an example – she can describe it, but when you tell young children a captivating story, set to music, the story and songs become a part of who they are, shape who they become, and stay with them for life.

This unforgettable story, “The Legend,” told in rhyme, provides a purpose for learning in the iKnow Series and throughout all of the iKnow products. The story acts as a disguise for Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognitive development, proven research-based methods, core standards and evidence-based learning. It’s the methodology behind the technology.

A new age is emerging in education and the power of digital and experiential project based learning is fueling the revolution for extraordinary gains in education through imagination, storytelling and technology. And that’s what we’ve done. We created a program for parents and children that bring s the joy back to learning to read. We’re bringing the joy back:)

The iKnow ABC Game is a revolutionary collection of digital game that takes children on an epic worldwide adventure in search of animals and their secret letters. In addition to the This interactive screen-time fun time is action packed and self-paced. We put the power of technology, English-language acquisition, literacy, science, environmental awareness, and global citizenship directly into a child’s hands.

We believe that early education is the key to academic and social success. Let’s take this ride together and make learning to read fun and stress-free. Welcome to the SunMoona Pride!