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A very sweet website experience for children learning English language at school is iKnowABC.

Children are encouraged to go on adventures to help animals from around the world to find secret letters! The adventure process takes children on a journey to learn the 26 letters and how to use them.

There are 5 levels to work through. I love that there’s a parent section where you can see a summary of each lesson. There are tips along the way and ‘Momspiration’ to keep your children focused.

Through a selection of eBooks, soundtracks and arts & crafts the site helps you guide your child through the alphabet. There are 5 eBooks, 27 webisodes, 15 original songs, games, activities and much more!

I also find it reassuring to know that the programm was created by teachers.

You can have a Rain Forest workbook for FREE when you subscribe to their mailing list.


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