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iKnow ABC Craft projectTeaching your child the alphabet doesn’t have to be filled with boring flash cards! This summer get creative using nature as a tool to teach your child their alphabet.

Take a nature walk with your child – listen to the sounds and try to name the creature that might be the voice to the sound. As you walk look together to find smooth, flat racks to later be used to paint on.

A Rocking ABC Craft Project

Alphabet Painted on Rocks
Supplies Needed

  • 26 River Rocks
  • Assortment of Paint Brushes or Q-Tips
  • Assortment of Acrylic Paints
  • Bowl of Water
  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Imagination


After collecting, washing and drying your found river rocks it’s time to put on our imagination helmets and get to work. Use acrylic paint to create decorative border designs and colorful patterns on the stones. Each stone get it’s own letter of the alphabet.

Additional Activities
You can use the stones for a variety of learning activities, such as identifying letter names or letter sounds. Write the letters a-z onto paper or note cards and ask your child match the paper letters with the ABC river stone. Try doing one set of rocks in Upper Case letters and another in Lower Case letters. Then your child can match the big letter with it’s little partner.

Ask your child “Which letter says Sssss?” Let your child find the letter that matches the sound. They can also use a combination of rocks and paper letters to spell out their name. Who knew nature could be so much fun while teaching the alphabet!

What will this help my child with?

    Skill: Alphabet Knowledge
    Multiple Intelligences: Visual, Kinesthetic, Naturalist
    Critical Thinking Level: Knowledge, Application

Image Credit: mrsgoffskinders.blogspot.com