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First of all, we would like to apologize for our absence. We haven’t forgotten about you, we’ve been so busy developing our iKnow Learning Management System (LMS) that we haven’t had a chance to share and update our loyal readers about everything that’s been happening with Take Pride Learning and our expanding LMS! From now on, you will be given information on a variety of different learning tools, upcoming events, company updates, product promotions, competitions, as well as resources to inspire the teacher within!

We have recently established a new partnership with GEM Advertising, who have brought their expertise and blended it harmoniously with the Take Pride Learning family. As all business-minded people know, partnerships are essential to everyday business and growth. Needless to say we’re excited for the year ahead, as well as the forthcoming videos and infographics that will illustrate exactly what the our LMS offers to children, teens and young adults.


Take Pride Learning LMS earns the Moonbeam Childrens Book Awards for their Enhanced Elearning Systems and Apps

Over the last month, we were presented with a Gold Medal from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards for our iKnow™ Series under the category of Children’s Picture Book – Enhanced and Apps. We’re beyond thrilled to be honored with such a prestigious award and would like to thank the judges for recognizing everything that the iKnow™ series LMS offers to the early learning development of young children. Cindy will be accepting the award at the Traverse City Children’s Book Festival in Michigan on November 8th.

In addition, this month is filled with many speaking engagements and industry-related appearances for the brains behind Take Pride Learning, CEO and co-founder Cindy Coleman.

Teacher-turned-entrepreneur Cindy Coleman has had a life-long dream to change the world through education. Having earned both a Master’s Degree in Education in Instructional & Curricular Studies and a B.S.B.A. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Cindy re-entered the classroom immediately after finishing her studies while teaching pre-K, she began creating exciting curriculum using a multi-media approach to educate, excite, and captivate her young students. From there, Cindy became the co-resident technology coordinator at Seaton High School in Australia, developing an enhanced curriculum and integrating technology into the school environment.

Upon her return to the U.S., she integrated learning technology into Valley High School in Las Vegas, developing an original curriculum and instructing teachers on how to incorporate technology into their existing curriculum plans. She was also responsible for developing and teaching Professional Development Education classes for teachers and personnel in Las Vegas, where she designed and taught a series of college courses educating teachers on how to use computers and modern technology. Cindy then designed and created the 7th grade vision and curriculum for a new middle school in San Diego, using an engaging, technology-infused, interactive method in which students excelled. Cindy worked with charter schools and the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Foundation to improve education in San Diego County, and also created an interactive reading and science program in partnership with the San Diego Zoo.

Throughout her 20+ years in education, Cindy has also collaborated with a variety of foundations, world-class musicians, entrepreneurs and a New York Times Best- Selling author.

 Where will Cindy be next?

October 26th– 30th: E-Learning World Conference in New Orleans

November 4th– 7th: JVIC Networking Event

November 8th: Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

If you want to find out more about Take Pride Learning, Cindy’s upcoming events, or the iKnow™ Series then please contact: info@takepridelearning.com.