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For only $19.99, Unlimited Access for 3-months

For a limited time, join our Summer Reading Adventure and get unlimited, on demand access NOW for 3-months for only $19.99. You’re also invited to download and keep our FIVE interactive eBooks, including the prestigious Moonbeam GOLD MEDAL-WINNING eBOOK (a $24.95 value) as our FREE GIFT to you!

What will your children do this summer?

Go to the beach... visit a cool amusement park... take family trip... and learn their ABCs with the all-digital iKnowABC Summer Reading Adventure. All it takes is 30 minutes a day — anywhere you happen to be — to give your child a head start for school!

What’s included in the iKnowABC Summer Reading Subscription?

5 Engaging Interactive Books

Your child s confident because learning is fun and easy.

15 Toe-Tapping Songs

Learning to read with music and rhyme helps children find rhythm and patterns while they read.

27 Enhanced Web Episodes

Stimulating your child’s curiosity helps learning to occur naturally.

Online Games

There’s no stress for young children to learn when they view it as play.

Printables and Traceables

Our blended approach to learning appeals to all learning style.

Animal-Inspired Yoga Videos

When children learn letters and sounds through breath and movement there is a stronger, deeper connection that develops within their brains.

Complete with standardized test preparation to promote success!!

You’ll always remember their first steps…
first words…

and the summer your child became a confident beginning reader!

Test Scores Soar at Elementary School

After the iKnowABC program debuted at a Nevada elementary school last year, test scores soared by 100 percent! Imagine what using the iKnowABC Summer Reading Adventure will mean to your child’s success this fall?

Your child will join the animals on an epic worldwide quest in search of secret letters. It’s a heartwarming story called, “The Legend of the SunMoona Pride” that inspires children to find and activate the 26 letters in the Animal Alphabet, so the animals can finally reunite.

This unforgettable animal story, richly presented in rhyme and song, provides all of the motivation your child needs to learn this summer!

Learning with a Purpose: Helping Real Animals with Every Purchase

As parents, you already know how much your child loves to help. With the iKnowABC Summer Reading Adventure, little ones get so jazzed because by learning their ABCs, they realize that they are actually helping the animals. You’ll be proud of what they have accomplished, and they will feel great about themselves!

And here’s added motivation. At summer’s end, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to Ferdinand’s Familia, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and permanent placement of injured, abandoned and homeless animals, so children realize that their contribution will make a difference when they do their best.

This is what people are saying about iKnowABC...

“I am in love with this series – not only is it fun but honestly I don’t even know if my boys realize that they are (gasp) learning! The amazong graphics, videos of actual animals, and the ability to have the boys read this from anywhere is priceless. Thank you for turning my resistant readers into book lovers!”

Alaina Fredericks

Nothing Like It”

“Wow... Each of these books gets better and better! I’m shocked how engaged they keep my kids. My four-year-old was talking about these books with her grandmother and telling her how much she enjoyed them. They also have helped her to identify specific words. Great to see as a parent.”

Actual iBooks review

Impressed Father


“So often educational books and apps can feel like a chore, but this is one of those rare and magical books that inspires a sense of wonder. This is my cousin’s favorite book in the series and I think it’s turning her into quite the animal lover! I can see her learning to read along with all of the fun, so this book is a must-have and I guarantee you your young readers will be huge fans:)”

Actual iBooks review

Anna S14

“This is the kind of educational app I’ve been waiting for, for my students and my own kinder aged son.”

Sweet Clementine

“Five stars! Most engaging eBook for my students!”

“I have now downloaded three books from this series and the “Rain Forest” has been the most engaging. My students love singing the words along the screen. I hook my iPad to the Promethean board and everyone in the class is instantly engaged. It’s great and interactive for all students. I recommend these eBooks to all primary level teachers as a shared reading activity.”

Actual iBooks review

AR 92109

iKnowABC Creator Cindy Coleman shares ‘back story’ about early reading breakthrough!

“When you teach children a fact, they may or not remember it. However, when you infuse learning within a captivating story set to music – they will remember what they learned for a lifetime! That’s the secret behind the iKnowABC Summer Adventure & App.”

Cindy Coleman, M.Ed
co-founder of Take Pride Learning®

There’s a very good reason why Cindy Coleman’s classrooms were always the noisiest in the school. It’s because her students were 100 percent engaged in the excitement of learning!

“Guilty as charged,” laughed Cindy, who earned both a Master’s Degree in Education in Instructional & Curricular Studies with an emphasis on technology and a B.S.B.A. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Co-founder of Take Pride Learning® and creator of award winning digital and experiential learning opportunities for children and teachers, Cindy said the idea for iKnowABC was born while visiting her sister over the holidays about 10 years ago.

“My sis asked me to check out her four-year-old son’s knowledge of letters. So I just started making up this fun animal alphabet on the fly, and he loved it! A few minutes later, everybody in the room was writing letters, drawing animals and cheering. I turned to my husband and said, ‘I think we’re onto something special.”

Cindy went onto to develop the animal and story-driven idea into an early reading program and pitched the idea to the world famous San Diego Zoo. “They loved it and we developed a wonderful, five-year partnership and sold thousands of copies.”

After her San Diego Zoo success, Cindy spent the next five years developing the program for digital, on-demand users nationwide. “I’m thrilled that young children everywhere will be able to have a thrilling time this summer exploring this epic animal adventure – and learning with every success!”