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San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo – Happy Birthday Aisha

Today we’d like to congratulate Aisha, the newest orangutan at the San Diego Zoo, on her one-year birthday.  At this critical birthday, Aisha is learning to act like her mother – eating everything she can get her hands on, learning to use her toys and learning tools, and causing mischief in her habitat.

Happy birthday, Aisha!

Since Take Pride Learning is based in San Diego and is a proud partner of the San Diego Zoo, we couldn’t be more excited about Aisha’s birthday.  According to Zoo officials:

Orangutan babies grow very slowly. Aisha weighs only about 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) and will be considered a baby for 4 years. Even though she has 12 teeth now and eats solid food from her mom’s diet, she will continue to nurse that entire time. There continues to be little interaction between Aisha and the other orangutans.

We will be celebrating Aisha’s birthday with extra enrichment for the whole group: painted boxes, gourds, treats, and more. Since Aisha is still staying on Mom when they are on the ground, Aisha will have to wait until Indah [her mother] gets the treats and shares with her!

Click to watch a video of Aisha:

From the team at Take Pride Learning and the San Diego Zoo – Happy Birthday Aisha!  When it’s time for this little orangutan to read, you bet we’ll be there with our iKnow ABC eBooks, of course!  For more on apes with apps, click here to see how orangutans are using iPads to communicate with humans: Apes with Apps in Miami.

In the month of October at the San Diego Zoo, kids are free!  Don’t miss the Rio 4D Experience, the Australian Outback Exhibit, the Early Morning with Pandas Tour, or the Backstage Pass.  For more information on the San Diego Zoo, visit