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The Orton-Gillingham Learning Method can enhance your child’s learning.

The Orton-Gillingham Learning Method is a proven way to teach your children to read.

If you are a parent struggling to teach your child to read, you’ve found the right place.  Often, parents feel as though they are doing all they can to enhance the learning experience, when in fact they are missing pieces of important scientific learning methods with years of research behind them.

One widely accepted model is the Orton-Gillingham Learning Method, named after Orton and Gillingham:

Samuel Torrey Orton (1879-1948), a neuropsychiatrist and pathologist, was a pioneer in focusing attention on reading failure and related language processing difficulties. He brought together neuroscientific information and principles of remediation. As early as the 1920s, he had extensively studied children with the kind of language processing difficulties now commonly associated with dyslexia and had formulated a set of teaching principles and practices for such children.

Anna Gillingham (1878-1963) was a gifted educator and psychologist with a superb mastery of the language. Working with Dr. Orton, she trained teachers and compiled and published instructional materials. Over the last half century the Orton-Gillingham approach has been the seminal and most influential intervention designed expressly for remediating the language processing problems of children and adults with dyslexia.

Together, Orton and Gillingham formed the backbone of a three-prong learning structure:

1. Visual

2. Auditory

3. Kinesthetic

The iKnow Series follows the Orton-Gillingham Learning Method with its highly visual animal habitats, its auditory letter connections, and its kinesthetic interactivity whereby children can touch and engage with the story right on the tablet device.

If you are struggling with your child’s reading abilities, look to products like the iKnow Series that take into account the great research from the Orton-Gillingham Learning Method to help your child overcome a difficult transition into reading.