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iKnow™ Music from the Pride

Take Pride Learning®

Album Description

This enjoyable, upbeat children’s album of original songs (lyrics & music and instrumental only), performed by world-class musicians inspires children to think about the world around them, our global community, and the need to preserve the animals and our planet.

Album Notes

iKnow™ Music from the Pride takes young children and their families on a musical journey with the animals in the Sunmoona Pride! World-class musicians play original songs (lyrics & music and instrumental only), including two fun new versions of the Alphabet song. The rhythmic sounds of Africa beat strong, the beautiful tunes of the rain forest float through the trees, and a happy pop sound echoes around the world in this fun loving, sing-along album.
This toe-tapping children’s album is one product included in iKnow™ Animals, Letters & Sounds: Adventures in beginning reading and science. The iKnow™ approach is a new idea in early childhood education that includes 5 enhanced eBooks, iKnow™ TV Series (26 episodes x 26 minutes) with animals and letters A to Z, iKnow™ online games, books and workbooks.

List of Songs

  • The Legend of the Sunmoona Pride
  • Jungle Storm
  • Rain Forest: A Beautiful Place
  • Happy Tune
  • Bird Whistle Beat
  • Africa The Rhythm of Life
  • Migration Trail
  • iKnow™ ABC So
  • Water and Land
  • Starry Night
  • Animals Around the World
  • Animal Families
  • Tick Tock
  • Moving On
  • ABC Cheer