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Getting Started

Before we begin, we would like to thank you for joining the iKnow™ iPartners program. This general introduction should give you all the information necessary to get started. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at – “Sal should know this!!”



How iKnow iPartners Work

Every iKnow™ iPartner is assigned a single iPartners ID and iPartners Link.

This number and link enables us to track your sales and reward you for your referrals that purchase a subscription to the iKnowABC website. Make sure you always double check any link that references our website. If you do not see your referral ID in it, you will not receive any earnings.

After signing up for an iPartners account, you can find your iPartners ID by visiting:

This is what you should see:

The moment any user visits our website using your link we will be able to track their purchases and link them to your account automatically.


Making your first referral

Once you have your referral Link, you will need to embed it in your website or share it with friends. If someone visits your website using your URL, your visits will update on your dashboard here:

Although visitors are good, you will not receive any earnings unless they purchase a subscription from our store.


Using iKnow Creatives

We make it easy for you to market and sell iKnowABC.

The key is your exclusive link; this identifies you as the iPartner who gets credit for the visit and any potential commissions.

Incorporate the link into your current marketing from a website, email campaigns, Facebook, etc. If a user clicks on it, they will be taken to an iKnow landing page. The visit will show up in your dashboard overview and if they make a purchase it will be shown here:

If you have any questions regarding ad usage, please see our iPartners Terms of Use.