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Connect for information

Educational and Entertaining Activities for Hours of Fun

These activities are designed to reinforce what your child is learning with the iKnow TV Series, DVDs, ABC Playing Cards and Online Games. Have fun with these activities and you’ll help your child grow smarter and more confident everyday.

abc– Printable Think of this section as a reusable workbook. You can print and reprint every activity. Please use recycled paper and both sides of paper, when possible.

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project-Project This section includes projects for you to do with your child. These experiences away from the computer and television take learning to the next level. These additional experiences allow your child to apply their new knowledge with purpose, enhancing learning.

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cards– Playing Cards
Animal Playing Cards make learning the alphabet as easy as ABC. You can print playing cards to play fun games or make flash cards to improve learning. Please use recycled paper.

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