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Continue to inspire and teach your child science by building terrariums at home. This activity is an easy way to bring nature and science inside, where children can further observe plants and discover their essential needs. It is also a great example of fun activities for kids and parents to do together!

Fun Activities for Kids: Creating an ABC Terrarium @iKnow_ABC #learningfun

How To Make Your ABC Terrarium

Understanding a plant’s interdependence and connection to sunlight, soil, and water is the goal of this lesson, as well as learning an important lesson about caring for and providing maintenance of your terrarium.


    • sand
    • rocks (various sizes) and gravel
    • glass container
    • toothpicks
    • paper/pen or computer printout
    • craft glue
    • paper
    • one piece of cardboard
    • small plants that tolerate dry weather conditions


Use your rock/gravel to form your first layer and then follow this with 2-3 inches of sand depending on the size of your container. Add twigs, cacti and other flora that tolerate dry weather conditions. Get creative! You can even use cacti if the container is open.Using paper either write or print out letters and words. For example, “S” and “sand” and glue the toothpick to the back of the paper letter and stick into the bottom of your container as shown in photo. Glue the pencil to the back of the cardboard paper and stick it inside the sand as well.

Additional Activities:

Fill your home with creative terrariums by using glass containers, planters, or jars and by using easy to grow terrarium plants such as a variety of succulents, ferns, violets and moss. Be sure to first add rocks or gravel to the bottom base for drainage.

My ABC Terrarium Finished


Take pictures and most importantly, have fun. Your child will enjoy the time you spent together! We found more creative find even more information about making your own terrarium at the HGTV.

Do you have any creative ideas for a terrarium? Share your ideas and photos with us!