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Engage Bored Students Through TechnologyAs educators, one of our biggest challenges is to pique the interest of students that become disinterested. Much like a “choose your own adventure” book, there are an endless amount of options to get you to (what you hope is) your end goal. Regardless of what you chose, there is never a definitive way of knowing what will work. However, one recent trend is certainly proving to be quite successful. With 21st Century learning becoming such a critical component to the modern curriculum, it’s time you engage bored students through technology!

It’s no secret that children perform at a substantially higher level when they’re excited about their learning. But, how do we get children to become excited? Easy – through a technology-based activity that involves the entire group. Getting students out of their seats and engaged is something that helps in a number of ways. For starters, it breaks up the monotony of the day’s lesson plan. Not to say that your lessons are boring, but students have long days at their desks! Implementing games such as Words With Friends  or Nintendo Wii among your students is equal parts competitive, fun, educational AND engaging for your students. Just think of how your spelling, vocabulary and math lessons can reach an entirely new level through these platforms!

Of course, you need to need to show your excitement for the activity at hand, too. Students can’t build excitement for something if they see you with a frown on your face! Your young learners will become equally as enthusiastic once they see how happy you are to show them something new.

Gone are the days where one old, outdated computer in the classroom was enough to engage students. LONG gone are the days where a simple writing activity is able to keep students “busy” instead of simply breaking up a daily routine. In today’s classroom, you have to think of learning a bit differently to stay ahead of the curve.

Here at Take Pride Learning, we’re at the forefront of implementing 21st Century learning and technology into the classroom.